Teachers As Readers Book Clubs

teachers book club

Teachers as Readers groups offer an enriching opportunity for colleagues to discuss everything from professional texts to classic literature to children’s authors to bestsellers and more! Each council typically has at least one group each year. What, where, and when to meet is entirely up to the group members.

TAR groups meet to discuss agreed-upon reading in members’ homes, at restaurants, in schools, and, in some cases, online! One TAR group even met on the track of the local high school for a ‘walk-and-talk’! The choice is up to you and your fellow readers.

Whether reading professionally or for pleasure, there are countless benefits to belonging to a Teachers as Readers group. Contact Stephanie Higgins (shiggins67@comcast.net) for information on how to join or start a group in your council.


Council Request for Funds 

TAR End-of-Year Evaluation Form (due May 1st)